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French Bulldog California | Puppies For Sale | Stud Service

French Bulldog California produces French Bulldogs with beautiful confirmation and health since 2001. We pride ourselves on the quality of Frenchie and service provided. We believe a happy Frenchie makes the best companion. French Bulldogs are what we know best!

French Bulldog California | Puppies For Sale | Stud Service

The Micro French Bulldog is officially registered with Designer Kennel Club. The DKC is the only registry in the world that recognizes the Miniature French Bulldog as a designer dog breed. The micro version of the French Bulldog was created by legendary French Bulldog breeder, Don Chino. The Texas Brand Bloodline consist of 8 generations, over 20 years of selective breeding, and utilized by many of the top French Bulldog breeders in the world. 

The Best Frenchies in the World! 

Home of the "Itsy Bitsy" Frenchies (15-23lb full maturity) 

French Bulldog California offers the widest variety of colors and patterns you will find anywhere in California.


Standard Frenchie colors:

Red, Fawn, Sable, Brindle, Cream


Exotic Frenchie colors:

Blue or Chocolate

Lilac, Blue/Tan, Black/Tan, or Lilac/Tan

Blue, Choco or Lilac Merle 

Blue, Choco or Lilac Merle Tri-Color

Isabella Choco or Lilac

Isabella Choco or Lilac Tri-Color/Merle


All puppies are registered with Designer Kennel Club as Miniature French Bulldog breed. 

Shipping Information:

Flight Nanny is available in the USA only. Further details given upon deposit for your new puppy. 


All deposits or payments are non-refundable yet transferable with approval.

*All sales are FINAL.  

Payment options:

We accept CashApp, Venmo or Zelle only. 

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